Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Race and the Pace: Southern Indiana Classic 8K

Due to some issues earlier in the year, I had to miss out on some of the local races earlier this year that I usually do, as well as one or two new ones that I would have liked to have done.  As a result I was really ready to do a race!

I am not fast, so I don't do races with the intent of  winning anything (although I found once that being the only one in my age group means I can actually win it!).  I love races for the chance to push myself, they give me something to work towards, and I like being around so many other people that like running as much as I do.
Starting/finishing line
The Southern Indiana Classic (SIC) is in it's third year, and historically has been a marathon and a half marathon.  This year they added an 8K option.  I trained for the marathon last year, but the day before it was scheduled, they had to drop the marathon due to the heat, so I did the half.  This course is pretty freakin' hilly and has a lot of roads surrounded by open fields which always seem to have a headwind, so all the races are a challenge!  I knew I wouldn't be ready to tackle this half and get any kind of time I'd be happy with, so I decided to do the 8K with my friend Lauren.  This was her longest race, so I was excited for both of us.

Waiting to start

They started the races all at the same time, and it suprisingly was not all that crowded at the start, I didn't really have to do any   weaving or get in anyone's way.

Still waiting to start, but happy to be here!

Down the first hill
Overall, I thought the 8K went great!  I heard the half course had some douche-nuggets that came out and stole water and graffiti'd the course, which makes me sad.  Other than that it seemed like everything went over pretty well.  The race started at 7 a.m. and it was around 55 degrees and cloudy, perfect!  It got warmer, windier and randomly rained a few times as the marathon progressed, but it was better than last year!

I finished in 44:57, and Lauren finished in 45:51.  I was really happy with my time, especially for my first race back and I thought Lauren rocked it out!  She doesn't get to run on hills very much since she lives on the other side of town, and this course is hard enough even when you get to run hills all the time.
Go Lauren Go!

We got met after by Mr. Lauren and Dega, their Great Dane.  Dega quickly became the most popular person at the race.

I love these local races, because as the afternoon progressed I got to see a lot of friends and co-workers cross the finish line, several of them after their first marathons!  Seeing them do it really made me anxious to find another half or full to do. Probably in the fall though, It's getting more into 5K season right now and I do have some goals for the shorter races.

It was a pretty good day, and it definitely gave me the racing bug again.  I'm going to have to make room for more t-shirts!

Lauren's 120 pound puppy, Dega.  He was more concerned with trying to steal some beer.

Ladies love them some Dega!


  1. Replies
    1. I think everyone at work has a different douche-something word we call people. I'm partial to the nuggets, but others that get used at work are douche-lords (or lord of the douche) and douche-canoes. It's good to have variety:)

  2. Thanks for the support and starting out the race with me! I'm now actually looking forward (never thought I would say that) to running more! -Lauren "Logel" (Not sure why it won't post under my name. Weird.)

    1. That's weird:( I had fun yesterday! I'm glad we got to run together, maybe we can find some more races this summer. Tell Nick I'm taking care of the sweatshirt!