Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Internal iPod Sucks

I meant to post this yesterday, but I also needed to grill steaks and burn sticks last night

Fire is priority over computer time!
Anyway, I almost never run with an iPod.  I get annoyed with the cords and like the time to think.  This does however, leave me with whatever songs are stuck in my head at the moment to play incessantly until I get done running.  When a song or songs get stuck in my head they will play over and over until I feel like I might go crazy.  This can happen faster than normal depending on the song.  Yesterday was particularly awful and since no one likes to suffer alone, I will give my internal playlist so everyone can suffer with me :)

First song:  Soft Kitty, from the Big Bang Theory (please disregard the random French subtitles, unless you are French.  In that case, you're welcome!)

Next up..this gem "Chicken Fat" by Robert Preston.  I'm sorry.

Since these two were in a continuous loop and I couldn't take it any more, I had to pull out the secret weapon.


The old John Denver trick, from that moment on my run became this:
Not certain it was an improvement, but at least it was a change!

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