Monday, April 9, 2012

Off the road and up the hills

One of my co-workers/friends moved to Wisconsin a little while ago, but she comes back every few months to work from our headquarters.  She told another runner at work that she wanted to go trail running while she was down, so a few of us decided to go after work.

As a primer, we ran a 5K on these trails last year and it took everyone (except the super fast i.e. not me) about 10-15 minutes longer to finish than on the road.  I live in a hilly neighborhood and these hills make the ones by me look like a fun frolic through the meadow.  I imagine running through the foothills of a mountain range would be much worse than this, but for our area it's pretty hilly.  It is a beautiful park though, and a lot of people like to run out there for the great workout and scenery.

Off we go!
It keeps going and going...
 So we set off, and quickly encountered a hill that was the Energizer Bunny of hills.  It finally ends and one arrives at a little hut that I always imagined housed a hobbit when I was younger.

Hobbit hut

 A little less than a mile into it we came upon the steps to the lake.  The funny thing about this trail is you would think going down the two sets of stairs would be a good thing.  You would be incorrect.  The hills are much suckier going that direction.  The lake is really pretty and as long as you don't fall in it is pretty enjoyable to run around.

This's a lie!
After the lake, it's about a mile and a half of big hills, small hills and trying not to twist an ankle.  I always feel pretty BA when I'm running on these trails, even if I sound like a dying animal.
Oh look, another hill!
Down the steps to the road, one hill left!
Sure... I can do this...maybe

 All in all good times, we might go again this week.  It's nice to get off the road occasionally, even if I run through the woods more like a dying buffalo than a graceful deer.


  1. This post was cute! I love the hobbit hut. Was this in USI's trails? It was really nice scenery.

  2. Thanks! It was at Audobon. I love walking out there, and running is fun, but really hard! I haven't really got to go run on USI's trails yet, but I hope I can soon.