Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Good Run on a Bad Day

As I stated previously, I'm pretty out of shape from where I want to be.  As sucky as it is to admit, I've been struggling to get through 4 (albeit hilly) miles after work.  I've been having to do walk-run intervals, which I'm no stranger to, and my plan has been to just slowly expand the run part until I'm going the whole time.

My legs have been doing ok, the problem I have is not being able to breathe when I run.  I struggle with this anyway, and  lately it's been really bad.  I feel like a can't take a full breath until I'm walking, and sometimes not even then.

Today was not a great day at work, I've got some stuff I'm stressed and frustrated about, I had a headache (day 2 of no Diet Coke) and I just felt like crap (whine, whine, whine...I know!).  So I had debated not running at all, but it was so freaking nice outside I hated to waste it!  I talked myself into 3 easy slow miles, just to get moving and burn off the stress food I ate today (delicious, but unnecessary).
It helps when there are trees like these lining the way! 

They smell good too:)
Once I got going I felt pretty decent, so I decided to to see how far I could go without walking.  I made it all the way to Hill of Pain 1 (not to be confused with Hill of Death, I got to go down that one today) and walked for maybe 15 seconds after.  And that was it.  I ran the whole way. It wasn't anywhere near fast, but I found a good pace, a good stride and after about 2 miles I could actually breathe!  I'm so excited right now I could do a dance, but I won't because the cat is watching.  I needed a good run like this so badly and it couldn't have come at a better time.

The weather is beautiful (79 degrees), the trees are blooming, and I felt so happy the whole time!  This is why I run, because 40 minutes of sweat can wipe out a whole day (week) of crappiness.

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