Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GOOOAAAALS!!! Or things to do when not working...

Since running in my first marathon in Indy last November, I've been kind of at a loss for goals.  I also had some extenuating circumstances that kept me from running for a little while.  Now I've started running and some strength training again, but feel like I haven't ran in a year.

Side note:
I feel like there should be some magic dust they sprinkle on you at the finish line of your first marathon that automatically keeps you in shape forever as a reward for the ridiculous amounts of work you just did. But I digress...

I obviously need to get back in shape if I want to start thinking about time goals.  I signed up for the Southern Indiana Classic 8K so I could run with a friend who has started running more recently.  My mini goal right now is to not hold her back!  I would also like to find a 5K sometime soon to establish a baseline (although it scares me to see what my time might be).  I also really miss running with Martha and Julie, my marathon training partners!  So getting back to running regularly is a top priority.
                                                    Martha and Julie, my marathon buddies!
I do want to run another marathon, but before that I really want to try to go sub-2 in a half.  My best time right now is 2:10:32 in the Evansville half last October during marathon training, so I've got quite a ways to go.

I also want to improve my 5K time and get it closer to 25 minutes.

In my non-running life I want to try to severely cut back on my Diet Coke habit (this may be the hardest one of all).  I get physically addicted to them and I don't like it.  Plus, as a chemist, I shudder to think what all those chemicals might do over the years.  I can't say that I will cut them completely, but I would like to go days at a time without one instead of 3 5 or more servings daily. Which kind of goes along with eating more healthy in general, which also goes along with the smoothie addiction I'm developing (more on that later).

So I guess overall I just need to get moving!  Running regularly is what needs to happen (and has for a whole week and a half) and I think everything else will follow.  It usually does.


  1. Great goals, Meagan! I hear you on the marathon... I ran my first a year ago, and was hoping to run a second this spring, but had some setbacks along the way, so it's not gonna happen. I wish I could hold onto that level of fitness too, and not have to work to build it all the way back to that point! But I also find sometimes that my legs "remember" how to run better than I think they will, so it might not be as bad as you think...!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I have had a couple of really good runs lately, so I hope things are looking up in the running part of my life:) Good luck on your quest for another marathon!