Monday, August 6, 2012

Strawberry-Lime Nuun Slushie

I'm going to post a real update sometime soon (the Olympics is sucking the productivity from me), but in the meantime I made this slushy to rehydrate after my sweaty sweaty run today, since one can't watch the Olympics without the proper fuel.  I used pink lemonade nuun as the liquid, but you could probably substitute water or juice. This is not a super sweet slushie, which is how I like it, but a little honey or sweetener could be added if that's what you're into:)

Strawberry-Lime Nuun Slushie
1 Nuun tablet (pink lemonade)
16 oz of water
juice of half a lime
3 or 4 mint leaves (didn't make it to the picture)
frozen strawberries (enough to make it is as slushie-ful as you prefer)

Drop the nuun into the water, I used cold water from my fridge.  The tabs take about 2 minutes to dissolve and don't require shaking or stirring (I really like that about nuun)

Add the lime juice, strawberries, mint leaves and nuun juice to the blender and blend, adding more strawberries or ice if needed.

Take outside to photograph because the lighting in your kitchen sucks.

Drink while watching the Olympics with a cat that really couldn't care less!

Like I said, this is not a sweet gas station slushie, but I think the iciness and the fruit and mint are refreshing.  

I love slushies, so if anyone has ideas/recipes, please share!

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  1. Love it! :) I'm not a slushi person, but if I was, I'd try it.