Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicago and a new PR (not necessarily related)

So last week I took my first train to an industry trade show in Chicago.  This was only the second time I've been to Chicago and definitely my first time on the Amtrak, so I thought I would share some pictures.  

 We had to drive two hours to get to the tiny little train station in Centralia, IL.  I'm not really sure what I expected from a train station (except tumbleweeds like in the old west), but I was hoping they would all at least have toilet paper.  No such luck.
 They do sometimes have historic wooden water towers across the street,
 and 7-Up machines.
 We decided that the coach class probable afforded less chance of the group of us getting kicked off the train for rowdiness.
 I'm happy because I'm on a train, and it has toilet!  I really like trains better than flying.  It is much more laid back and comfortable.  You can use your electronic devices and walk about freely.
 This is where we ended up in Chicago.  Much bigger than the Centralia station.
 As we explored the conference center at the hotel looking for registration we found some prom props.  I couldn't get anyone to take a prom picture with me:(
 I did get to go on a run my first day in Chicago, which was my goal.  It was about 4 miles and lightly raining, and it was great.  I found Navy Pier and ran along the river and took some pictures.  I really like running in Chicago, the trails were well populated with other, and except for the seagulls I actually felt pretty safe by myself (I'm sure there are much less savory parts of Chicago, but this was pretty decent).
 More Navy Pier.
 Oh how nice, Chicago knew I was coming and made an area just for me!
 The steps at the beginning and end of the run, I did much better than I thought running up them at the end.  I took a walk afterwards back to Navy Pier
Refueling at Gino's East, Chicago style.  This type of thing continued the rest of the week, which was probably why my first training run back home sucked so bad.  It was worth it though, I mean...look at it!

 There was a giant Marilyn Monroe near our hotel.  This was the the source of many a photo opportunity throughout the week.
 Like this one.
Now for the PR part of the show.  I ran a local 5K on Saturday and cut about 8 seconds off my previous PR time.  I couldn't bring my camera with me on this on one, so no pictures.  I was nervous about this one, because I knew the potential for a PR was there because of the course, but with the 3 days of eating and drinking in Chicago and everything else going on this week I was tired and hadn't run very much and I just wasn't feeling very confident.  I felt great that morning, and even though I struggled breathing (a lot! freaking humidity) I still managed to keep up a good pace.  I had to kick it at the end to make the time, but I did it!  Slowly inching my way to 25 minutes:)

Hopefully this week will be a little less crazy.  I need to get back on eating right, running regularly and cutting back the diet beverages again, I was really bad this week!

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  1. You are not the only one. I gained some weight back this week. It was so frustrating considering I worked out 6 days and even though I didn't track everything that went into my mouth, I didn't go crazy with it. :(